The CTF ended on October 8th, 17:00:00 (Romania time). We will leave the challenges open until 15th of October, in case you want to solve them.

1. SojuBombsAway 1,995
2. pwnies 695
3. Hertz 470
The contest will start on October 6, at 09:00:00 and end in the same day, at 17:00:00, EEST (i.e. Romania time).
For any support we will use the Freenode channel #owasp-bucharest-ctf.
Unless otherwise stated, flags use the format OWASPCTF{Some_random_string}.

In order to be eligible for the prizes and be a part of the competition, you must follow the following rules:
1. Do not attack the infrastructure. If you find a problem with one of our tasks, please report to us.
2. You are not allowed to intercept the traffic of other teams or attack them. Any attempt to cheat on the contest will lead immediately to disqualification.
3. Only team members that are present to the CTF location can be part of the contest. If you ask other people for help, or ask for solutions online, you will be disqualified.
4. We will not score unintended solutions. We will ask you how you solved each task, and if the solution is not the correct one, we will take your points from the scoring platform. We may, instead, give some bonus points or extra hints to those who report unintended solutions.
5. The points that you receive on the scoring platform are valid only if you solved the task and know how to explain us the solution. If you take flags from other teams of someone that is not present at the CTF location solves the challenge for you, you will be disqualified.
6. Don’t ask for hints in private. We will only give hints that are available to all the teams.
7. Submit the flag as soon as you finish a challenge. If you submit all the flags at the end of the contest we will assume you didn't have time to work on all the tasks at once.
8. In case two teams have equal scores, the team that got to that score first will have the advantage.
As we all love practical security and challenges, we are going to organize a CTF (Capture the Flag) contest during the OWASP AppSec Conference Bucharest 2016. The contest will take place on Thursday, October 6, 2016, starting from 9am until 5pm.

In order to take part in the CTF contest, you have to register a team of maximum 5 people and be present at the conference location. The first three teams will be awarded prizes.

Let's get cracking!